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The user interface designed with years of experience of a large team of technicians-professionals, who regularly involved in analysis and calculation of the electrical steady states. The work is consistently making on the introduction of new functions and automation control of the software. Now are available the 4 main control types. Their main characteristics are as follows:

Табличный процессорSpreadsheet processor - the main control. Provides duplex tables ("Nodes-Branches", "Sections-Branches"), contextual gradient illumination of the values and the allowable ranges, context filters and macros, search and many other functions. View of the table is fully customizable.


Графические схемыThe display system of a single-line graphical layout to create a scheme "from scratch" to put the necessary parameters and control of the calculation model directly by selecting certain elements. Graphical layout provides gradient illumination of the values, multipage printing and graphics export in DXF and WMF. Scheme instantly displays the values after the calculation.

Элемент управления «Селектор»Simple and easy control "Selector" presents data as a tree structure, providing a fast, searching and filtering the data. The structure of the tree is fully customizable by dragging of elements (drag & drop).


Система отображения графиковChart display system allows to represent any variable parameter, simply by dragging it into the graphics window. Chart provides simultaneous display of multiple graphs, memorization of standard sets of graphs, smoothing, printing, context switch chart data source and much more.


The program can store a lot of variants of location and settings for all windows of interface and quickly restore any option chosen by the user's request. This makes it possible to organize the workplace in the most convenient way.

It is provided a system of history to eliminate the random errors, which allows to undo or redo any action.

It is supported the output of data in Microsoft Excel using the mechanism of "Real-time data". The preparation of a template in Excel is performed by dragging data from any control.


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