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The modern software allows to solve a very wide range of the tasks. The choice of software is primarily influenced by such factors as the quality of the solution of the problem, prevalence, level of service in solving the problem. However, it is impossible to create even a narrow special program, which would be versatile and convenient in all cases. There are many situations in which the user has to do continually the same type of work with the software. For the convenience of working in such situations, software developers or improve internal service, or offer a simple means to develop additional capabilities of its software directly to users.

The Microsoft Company has been following such a way of development for a long time, offering users the tools for self-development simple extensions of the software. Virtually all serious products have the ability to create macros. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is one of the most specialized tools for it. The architecture of an application from a user perspective is simple enough. The user has an object (e.g. Microsoft Excel), which can execute commands using toolbar buttons, as well as menus and hot keys, and with the help of the software designs, recorded in macros. The user works with the shell, providing him the means to control an object contained inside. The object could be used even outside its native shell and be incorporated in a completely arbitrary program. The developer should have a description of the methods of the object and have the means to enable him to create a program with the ability to embed the desired object.

The next stage of development technology of custom extensions was suggested, again by Microsoft corp., the technology based on the so-called Windows Scripting Host (WSH). This technology makes the tool itself macros embedded object. A software developer can add to their program the ability to perform macros, based on a single technology WSH. Since WSH is part of Windows, the portability of programs made for it is virtually absolute. Thus, having the skills to develop a macro for one application, you can easily develop similar designs and any other application. The user should only consider features of the objects of the new application, in the transition from one application to another, with the same main base design. WSH offers users a choice of several programming languages, JavaScript, VBScript and others. VBScript uses the greatest success, thanks to its relative simplicity.

"RastrWin" software and related software products - "ActOpus", "BaRs", "LinCorWin" have a common core. This is no accident. Program is based on a single object - the calculation module, which also provides the data operations, which is organized in the form of built-in database. With the help of development tools available in these programs, the user can perform all actions with an calculation module, are accessible from the shell (buttons, menus, keyboard shortcuts) and additional actions that are supported by calculation module. Not only the calculation module features can be used in a custom extension. The user can use any automation object, available to him (to access the file system, databases and user interface elements). This makes development tool extensions comparable to the effectiveness of the means of professional application development.

This section of the website is designed to share experiences on the development of extensions to the "RastrWin", "ActOpus", "BaRs", "LinCorWin" software. Here will be publish the most interesting and useful macros used in the real work. The developers will provide their own examples of macro with detailed comments. The interested users can take an active part in the completion of this section by sending their developments. They will be posted on the website for general guidance.

It is necessary to become acquainted with the documentation section - "RastrWin" - "Macro" to be familiar with Macro Studio.

Documentation for VBScript is available at Microsoft – Windows Script Host website. (In English).


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