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The main features of the software package


Calculation modules

  • Calculation of the steady states of electric networks with arbitrary size, complexity and any voltage (from 0.4 to 1150 kW).
  • A full account of all the electrical steady state parameters (currents, voltages, currents and loss of active and reactive power at all nodes and branches of the electrical network).
  • Calculation of the steady-state regimes, taking into account the deviation of frequency (without balancing node).
  • Control the source of information on the logical and physical consistency.
  • Equivalenting (simplification) of electrical networks.
  • Optimization of steady state of electrical networks by voltage levels, power losses and distribution of reactive power.
  • Calculation the states of the regulators of the transformer under load (TUL) and the states of the booster transformers (VDT).
  • Calculation the limited by transmits power steady states of power system, the definition of dangerous sections.
  • Structural analysis of power losses - due to their nature, types of equipment, areas and levels of voltages.
  • Conduct of multivariant computations on the list of possible emergencies.
  • Modeling of disconnection the power transmission lines, including one-sided disconnection, and the definition of voltage at the open end.
  • Modeling of generators and the ability to set its PQ-diagram.
  • Simulation of linear and bus reactors with an option to disable the reactor and transfer it into the node in case of disconnecting the power line.
  • Analysis of the allowable load current of power lines and transformers, including the dependence on the permissible current of the temperature.
  • Calculation of network coefficients that estimate the impact of changes in input parameters on the calculation results, and vice versa, to analyze the sensitivity of the results of the calculation to changes in input parameters.
  • Calculation of aggregate information on various territorial and departmental units (consumption, generation, external flows).
  • Comparison of different steady states by a given parameter list.


General view

User Interface

  1. Spreadsheet processor. Spreadsheet processor is used for the preparation, correction and display the calculation scheme, in which all information is structured by type (nodes, branches, generators, etc.). The main features of the spreadsheet processor are:
    • Individual and group (by the formula) data preparation
    • setting a free form of the display (the position of columns, sorting, and values accuracy);
    • the context transitions (depending on the position of the cursor) between the tables;
    • context macros;
    • the ability to create custom tables and the corresponding menu configuration;
    • dual table (e.g. the node and the appropriate branches toward him);
    • creation of a sample of information in the table for an arbitrary, complex criteria;
    • group correction of information by a given formula;
    • dynamic highlight of the data, depending on the parameter value (for example, when a value exceed the limits);
    • dynamic data exchange with MS Excel;
    • export and import of spreadsheet information in the CSV-files form.


    Fragment of «dual» table «Nodes + Branches» - for each node showed its parameters and the parameters of branches associated with it


    Fragment of table nodes - highlight the voltages and reactive generations beyond the permissible limits


  2. Single-line graphical layout. Representation of the electrical network in the form of a single-line graphical layout provides the most convenient perception of information about the calculations of the steady states. RastrWin software includes facilities for preparing and displaying a single-line graphical layout, such as:
    • automates preparation of the graphical layout based on a specified calculation, automatic control of compliance with the computational and graphical schemes;
    • preparation of windows (locations) to display numerical information;
    • display the current calculated information, quick-change type of displayed information;
    • executing of the switching operations (connect/disconnect) and the correction steady state parameters directly on the graphical layout;
    • color highlighting of nominal voltages and network areas, the selection of nominal voltages by a thickness;
    • dynamic fill of the scheme depending on the selected parameter (e.g. voltage deviation from nominal);
    • context macros;
    • display summary information (areas, territories, sections); ;
    • display of power scheme in the form of "fictitious"-power network.


    A fragment of the graphical layout window with color highlighting of areas


    Graphical layout with a dynamic "fill" by the deviation from the nominal voltage.
    The following rules is used to fill:

    That is, the higher the voltage distinguished by shades of pink, lower - by green
    (the specific colors could be adjusted)


    Graphic display of the «energy» schemes - in the form of nodes are shown areas
    in the form of lines – inter-area power flows


    Performing calculations on the graphical layout - disconnected lines are shown dashed


  3. The Selector is the element for a hierarchical (tree-like) representation of the scheme. It is implemented as a tree of logical connections between the objects of calculating scheme. It allows performing a quick search and the transition between elements (nodes, branches, sections).

  4. Built-in macro languagelanguage is based on Visual Basic. It allows to automate common group operations. Macros allow automating all features of the RastrWin.

    • 4. Integrated Database:
      • Storage of data (both the original and the calculated character) is produced in a single database;
      • User of the software can create their own fields in the database and specify the relationship between the fields using formulas;
      • Templates that determine the type of file (steady state, graphical layout, sections, etc.) are used in case of downloading and saving files. The template store description of the data (accuracy, acceptable values, formulas, etc.). The user can modify the templates.

    Programming Interface

    Software package RastrWin organized as a set of COM-components to interact with other Windows programs.

    All calculation features and work with the database are organized as not having a user interface component of the OLE-automation server, access to which can be obtained from any OLE-client (Excell, Access, etc.) or any visual programming environment (Delphi, Builder); tables and graphics are organized as components of the ActiveX.

    The following licensed and open source software products were used by developing of the software:

    Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
    Microsoft Active Template Library (ATL) 3.1
    Microsoft Windows Template Library(WTL) 3.1
    Microsoft Windows Scripting Host

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