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Estimation of the parameters of a transmission lines and power transformers

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The macro is designed to estimate the parameters of transmission lines and transformers of an electrical network based on the equivalent network (the R/X/B ratio). The macro attempts to determine the wire section, number of parallel chains and the length of the line by empirical formulas based on this ratio.

The assessment for a given list of areas is given

- For the transmission lines:

  • the length of the line
  • wire cross section
  • the number of parallel lines
  • whether the transit line (interconnection)

- For the transformer:

  • The power of the transformer
  • whether it is a transit

    The results of the macro are displayed in Excel.


Working with macros:

  1. Download the macro;
  2. Indicate the number of areas in which the parameters should be calculated;
  3. Run the macro for execution.

Download the macro

The macro is designed by Alexandrov A.S.

The parameter estimation technique of V.A. Tsarev when developing a macro was used.

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