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Installation details

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RastrWin software 2.25 installation procedure:

In the presence of a previous version:

  • in case of working with RastrWin software all done in a session work automatically stores - a special file _tmp.all used for it. During installation the new version of software this file will be deleted. Therefore, to avoid data loss, before installing the new version, it is recommended to save all the files Ц especially files with rarely changed data types (e.g. voltage taps database). To save it user can consistently use the "Save As ... " procedure and changing the file types;
  • Save license information - download computer_name_license.dat in a separate folder;
  • Uninstall the previous version (Uninstall RastrWin in the menu) and delete the folder "C:\Program Files\RastrWin\".

Simultaneous operation of two different versions of the software is impossible!

After removing the previous version or in case of its absence:

  • Check the availability of the necessary Windows user rights (the user must have administrator rights on that computer);
  • Run RastrDist***.exe, where *** is a version number;
  • Enter a distribution password (issued on acquisition);
  • Agree with the license rules;
  • Select the installation directory (usually C:\Program Files\RastrWin\).

The menu item will be created after a successful installation, e.g.:

And will be created the directory "C:\Program Files\RastrWin\", which contains the program files and additional directories:
  • test-rastr - test scheme (steady state, graphical layout, voltage taps, sections, etc.);
  • pdf - documentation to print (requires Acrobat Reader);
  • macro - macros that appear in the "Run" menu;
  • contextmacro - context macros.

 WindowsXP is recommended operating system to work in RastrWin.

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