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Component architecture - the set of use cases

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The architecture of the software provides the separation the user visual interface and calculation module with built-in database management. Calculation module can be selected as a component for operation in any external software that supports the Windows COM-interface.


Built-in database provides maximum performance of the software platform and exceptional flexibility of the structure of data. Using the so-called templates, man can easily combine multiple sources of information or select the necessary subset of data.

All data in the database and all functions as data processing and calculation, are available outside the program.

The software package has a built-in macro interpreter of Basic language, which allows users to create their own computational procedures with any complexity. There are already made a huge number of macros for solving various problems. External data can be imported and exported in formats csv, xml, and CDA-format.

Calculation module is the core of software packagees, developed for special tasks. These packagees are "Bars" and "Lincor", that empower "RastrWin" in the field of planning tasks.

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