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Recent changes

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RastrWin 2.41

  1. The license file is now saved in the Documents subdirectory of the current user of RastrWin3. For compatibility with previous versions of a signed license is read from the previous installation directory of the program. Query is formed only in a RastrWin3subdirectory. Catalogue of documents of the current user — «My Documents» for Windows XP, «Documents» for Windows 7/Vista.
  2. Bugs founded in 2.40 was fixed
  3. The software is built on the new compiler (Visual Studio 2008).
  4. The work under Win 7/64 was checked. User must have the administrator rights and disable the User Account Control (UAC)

RastrWin 2.30a

  1. Bugs founded in 2.30 was fixed
  2. In the graphics options off detections to the intersection was added

RastrWin 2.40

  1. In the dialog and the opportunity to control the size of the window was appear.
  2. From the dialog box < Program settings/Data> and the opportunity to import and export data tables and forms to/from the XML-file format was appear.
  3. In the tables the opportunity to insert a block of data from the clipboard was appear.
  4. In the debug macro window receiving the message when an error was find in parsing formula (when method SetSel in object Table is performed).
  5. A new mode of loading and saving of csv file CSV_REPLNAMES (equal to 5) was implemented. In addition, the new buttons in the form load and save csv files was added. New mode differs from CSV_REPL presence of the first row with a list of field names.
  6. The limit on the breaks of the branches in the graphical layout was expanded.
  7. The macro was fixed and complete.
  8. In all settings the units was added.

RastrWin 2.30

  1. Entry of mode into the permissible range of power flow in the sections was added.
  2. The number (ID) of group in the table was added. Branches, referred To the one group could be disabled or enabled using context macros "Insert Group" Ц "Disable the group".
  3. Added import and export from/to the Mustang.
  4. Graphical layout - added the ability to image node as a tap (point). To do this when moving a node in the input mode it is necessary to press Shift + Alt
  5. Graphics - added the union of graphic charts and macro removal of graphical design sites that are absent in the current calculation
  6. Simultaneously sort on multiple columns in the control Table was appeared.
  7. Ability to connect an external debugger during working with macro was appeared.
  8. The address to send the license was fixed - you can send license in automatic mode.
  9. The software was fully assembled on a new compiler (Visual Studio 2005). Everything is could be ... test carefully!

RastrWin 2.25

  1. The mechanism of the DRV is now working with MS Excel 2007.
  2. In the graphical layout became possible to apply to the image so-called "flags" that show the aggregate figures. With the flags convenient to display values that do not belong directly to specific elements of the equivalent network of the consumption areas, flows in the cross sections, etc.
  3. The system of management workspaces was implemented. It allows to store and restore a few options location and configuration of any windows of user interface. Details are given in the new section of the documentation.

RastrWin 2.23

  1. Improved functional calculation of NMC (network matrix of coefficients).
  2. In case of entering a number using the numeric keypad you can normally use the key of a decimal point.
  3. Problem with the "loss" of the text in the chart was fixed.
  4. The nulling of fields qmin/qmax in the table of nodes when the diagram Q(P) is not not given was excluded.
  5. The output graphical layout in the DXF-format was fixed.

RastrWin 2.22

  1. Control of admissibility version to install was added (ie, build date version should be no later than the deadline for technical support + one year). While this is just a warning message that do not affect functionality.
  2. Algorithm for calculating the external overflow (Table Districts + Links) was modified Ц now in the calculation of the external cross-flow relations are taken into account factors of division losses.
  3. Context macros was added.
  4. A selection of an arbitrary rectangular block in the tables was added.
  5. The dynamic data exchange with MS Excell was added.
  6. The calculation of allowable current dependence on temperature was added.
  7. Some bugs was fixed (the point in the name of the directory, calculation taking into account the frequency by default for new schemes, etc.). details on www.regimov.net

RastrWin 2.20

  1. Context menu allows to make the transition between the tabulated and graphical display.
  2. Output of table for large circuits was fasted.
  3. A new table of PQ-diagram generator (figure of power) was added.
  4. A new table Ц Generators was added.
  5. sign of the transfer line reactor site when disconnected power lines was added.
  6. Export to the layout of CDA with taking into account interruptible reactors was fixed (Exported to the sum of all conductances).
  7. The active conduction interruptible reactors at the nodes and branches was added.
  8. Unilateral disabling power lines was added.
  9. Ability to download files by transfer from the conductor on the screen Rastr was added. Ability to run Rastr and loading a file by clicking in Windows Explorer, on file with the extension rg2 was added.
  10. Ability to color highlight lines (and some fields), depending on the parameters of the steady state was added.
  11. A new control Ц selector was added.

RastrWin 2.15

  1. A new field in table Branches - dispatch branch name was added.
  2. The calculation of the steady state, taking into account the frequency, was added
  3. A new view of report - stepwise (a tree) with the possibility of opening the windows context was added.
  4. In the context menu (right button) a customizable point , allows to implement a context switch between worksheets, was added.

RastrWin 2.10

  1. Dynamic coloring electrical network in depending on the selected parameter (eg paint net depending on the voltage deviation from nominal) was added.
  2. Comparison of regimes and schemes was added.
  3. The preservation of the state of open windows by the exit of the program was added.

RastrWin 2.00

  1. of protection software copy was changed !!!!!!
  2. In weighting some features was added:
  3. - In weighting on nodes possibility of set permanent tangent load was appear; - In weighting on areas possibility of set the increment in the generation area was appear.
  4. When you click dialog box appears with a list of stored files. In the list you can select the files to save.
  5. The menu of calculating the net effect of factors was added (Rates of flow, the relative increase of losses, etc.).
  6. To calculate the allowable load current transformers location field was added that specifies the location of measuring permissible current (HV/LV). Accordingly, the allowable current is given at high or low side of transformer.
  7. In case of change of the voltage tap number transformation ratio and itТs ranges are automatically adjusted. Macro "Calculate KT-min, KT-max and KT-med by the baze.rbs" was added. It allows to recalculate range of transformation ratio and set the transformation ratio in the middle position.
  8. The bug with equivalenting switches was fixed.
  9. Graphical layout: man can memorize and store 10 frames. To memorize use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, ... Ctrl-0. To recovery - commands 1,2, .. 0. Frame 0 is used by opening the window with the graphical layout.
  10. Graphical layout: command invoked by right mouse button was added (frame - the location and scale of the scheme in the window). After executing this command, at the opening graphics will be shown memorized frame.
  11. The bugs with defining the direction of power flow in the graphical layout was fixed.

RastrWin 1.83

  1. Macro designed to remove from the circuit nodes tagged with suitable to them by branches was added.
  2. Macro intended for the group to recover deleted text boxes in the chart was added.
  3. Fields in the table - (maximum active power) and (Maximum complex power) was added. It is designed to display more (leaving) of the power flow on the branch. Fields are intended for display in the graphical layout (a sign of active power given by the arrow)

RastrWin 1.82

  1. The macro to perform menu - Align the text size in graphical layout.rbs> was added. It makes all the text in the graphical layout the same size.
  2. Macro intended for the group to recover deleted text boxes in the chart was added.
  3. Fields in the table - (maximum active power) and (Maximum complex power) was added. It is designed to display more (leaving) of the power flow on the branch. Fields are intended for display in the graphical layout (a sign of active power given by the arrow)

RastrWin 1.81

  1. A structural analysis of the reactive losses in areas, nominal voltages and type was added.
  2. A feature to the table was added. It allows you to specify the place for measuring power in the section. If it is not specified, power is measured at the first node ( - as before), if set - power is measured at the second one. The positive direction is always from first to second.

RastrWin 1.8

  1. Graphical layout - display switch was added.
  2. Structural analysis of losses on stresses, areas, types was added.
  3. Variation calculations was added.

RastrWin 1.7

  1. Deny reactors at the nodes and lines was added.
  2. Work with controlled quantities was added.
  3. Weighting regime was added.

RastrWin 1.55

  1. To accelerate the mapping table with the regions and territories.
  2. The was added - a complete analog of the areas. To select the Territory is used - field at the nodes and branches. To divide the loss of intersections branches - .

RastrWin 1.51

  1. The documentation was improved.
  2. The test cases to the directory was added. Examples include steady state, graphical layout, graphics-areas section.
  3. The settings for the graph-Districts in Graphics Ц Options was added.
  4. The macros was added."Ask the consumption area", "Change power-section" "Renumber nodes on the list."
  5. The commands conversion (DOS-> WIN and LAT-> RUS) local menu header table was added.

RastrWin 1.50

  1. Dialogs import and export files in CSV-format was added.
  2. Saving and loading templates containing a description of Data storage was simplified - buttons to save and load templates in the Preferences dialog box data was added.
  3. Saving and loading a set of screens to disk in the Program settings dialog box-form was simplified, click Save - Download - Upload at the start - make it easy to perform operations for loading and saving different sets of form.
  4. The visual editing system forms was added - to call it man can call the local menu in the header of the corresponding column forms - man can delete, insert, edit form. Changes in the forms can be saved (and add to the menu)
  5. The bug of loading the steady state at some specific conditions and disappearing Table of nodes was fixed.
  6. The ability to move a column in the form of (table) was added Ц press on the header of the right button (the cursor becomes a pen) - move the mouse and let go - the column will move to a new location.
  7. The local menu in the header of the form (table) was added - to be able to hide/insert a column or change its properties.
  8. The tooltips in dialogs was added.

RastrWin 1.05

  1. The command from the local menu, in a table form (under Excel) and graphical layout (metafile) was added.
  2. The ability to specify the accuracy as a function of cmplx as the third parameter was added. for example - cmplx (r, x, 3) - if the third parameter is not specified - the accuracy of - accuracy is equal to 0
  3. The protection from copying was set !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RastrWin 1.06

  1. Graphical layout: remove nodes by the right mouse button click. Remove text-windows text by the right mouse button click (with the possibility of recovery through the switch core - background map).
  2. The conductivity of the transformer is not divided in half, and refers to the beginning node.

RastrWin 1.04

  1. Area by the losses in the branches was added. If the district is given, the loss of branches are refers to this area, if not specified - are distributed as before.
  2. A new forms - ,< Optimization-nodes>, was added.
  3. A copy-command (in the local table menu) to copy table to the clipboard was added (paste easier to Excel)

RastrWin 1.03

  1. The forms of association (region area) was added. Number of the association is given in the table.

RastrWin 1.02

  1. The forms , , was added.
  2. In case of dividing the losses of intersystem lines between the areas it is used division factor (div). It allows to spread the loss between areas (= 0 for all losses at the beginning node = 1 to the end node). It is specified in the form of .
  3. Ability to display in the chart area and the connections between them was added. In test mode)
  4. Dual shape (nodes + branches etc) was added. The ability to sort by was added. The bugs when searching and retrieving was fixed.
  5. The macro - , was added. It allow you to change the behavior of programs at startup and shutdown. They provide conservation at the end the entire working area and restore it on startup.
  6. A dynamically generated menu , which can be enter frequently used macros was added.
  7. The macros save and restore the list of marked nodes and branches and the formation of the cross section of distinguished branches was added. Formation of the connections of the areas for tables , was added.
  8. The documentation was significantly refined.
  9. In case of the crash results of the steady state calculation, a protocol with the convergence-table is pops up.

RastrWin 1.01

  1. Documentation was translated into HTML format.
  2. In the chart when resizing window position eliminated screen flicker. The possibility of changing the background window was added. (Graphics-General-Background)
  3. The opening of the tables with cross-links was speeded up (for example ).

Nearest plans:

  1. Finalize the documentation
  2. Expansion of the analysis - a comparison mode, the record of estimated values in a special table and analysis of the calculation.
  3. Move rarely used code-DOS version (the output in AutoCAD, delete text etc.)